7 Reasons Never to Choose Free WordPress Hosting

7 Reasons Never to Choose Free WordPress Hosting


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WordPress is a go-to option for most people to build a website and choose WordPress hosting plan. WordPress offers a free WordPress host that most people will recommend however there are a few risks associated with the free plan that it’s not worth the zero price tag. This article will explain the common catch of using a free WordPress host.

No Freedom

While taking free hosting you lose the ruling power on your website. The hosting company fully controls the website and manages it. The website owner can not do anything about it, they even cannot suggest things they don’t like except to accept everything.

Spam Advertisements

Free hosting allows random and spammy advertisements to run on the website. It’s not about 2 or 3 advertisements, the main con of free hosting is that it does not limit the advertisements. it starts showing pop-up advertisement and redirect visitors to other websites. Running advertisements is the source of revenue for companies providing free hosting solutions. Another downfall of free hosting is that users will not receive any revenue for running the advertisements on their website, all the profit is racked by the hosting company.

Nearly zero Customer Support

Free hosts don’t provide any form of customer support. If the website faces any technical issue there is nothing website owners can do about it.

Uptime guarantee not promised 

shared WordPress hosts have performance issues, particularly when there’s large traffic or somebody alters or misuses the shared server’s resources.  Now taking reality about Free hosting where anyone gets an account with spending anything.  Free hosting hosts do not promise high uptime and can take down the site anytime with very low-grade performance.

Vulnerable to Malware and Viruses

Free WordPress hosts do not have the assistance of network engineers and in-house security experts. With an imperfect firewall and flawed security measures, a free host is vulnerable to external and internal network attacks. Most free web hosting companies inject malware and viruses into websites. They can be harmful to the websites and reveal all the confidential information related to the site to others and can lead to a ban of the site due to unseemly functioning and lack of security

Not in SEO ranking 

The main aim of website owners is to target a large audience and that can be done by showing on the top ranks of search engines. Unfortunately, websites hosted on free hosts are not listed in top SEO rankings due to their low performance, reliability, security, and response time. Free hosting does not meet any of the above qualities. 

Expensive upgrades & Difficult Migration

One of the primary sources of revenue for free hosts is upgrades. Primarily, they charge expensive amounts for little upgrades such as increasing disk space or high bandwidth. Most paid web hosting companies provide smooth and easy website migration, however, free hosting is very difficult and nearly impossible.

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Limited Space

Many free hosting companies claim of providing free hosting with limitless disk space and bandwidth.  Moreover, paid hosting companies also claim the same but they can manage huge traffic. However free hosting with many unlimited features cannot handle a large amount of traffic because they don’t have the budget of handling large traffic. As a result, users are stuck with low disk space, and limited bandwidth. 

If people think they will be saving money by picking free WordPress hosting, they are highly mistaken. Eventually, they will be spending a lot of time, funds, and effort fixing issues associated with security, performance, and website reliability. Therefore it’s better to choose a hosting plan for the website which will give peace of mind, better performance, and other plenty of benefits.

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