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8 Reasons VPS Hosting is Best for Growing Websites


You probably are here because your website is receiving more monthly traffic now. Congratulations on your success. An increase in traffic indicates business growth. Also, you might be thinking about VPS hosting since shared hosting is no longer enough for your needs. 

Now you have to extend your website and add new features. For example, new marketing campaigns could be there on your list. Sure, having a dedicated server would make things super easy, but they are expensive. VPS hosting offers excellent features to fulfill the current demands without disturbing your budget. It is a beautiful balance between a dedicated server and a shared server. 

Definition of Virtual Private Server

By definition, VPS hosting also uses a single machine to serve multiple websites. That is how they also maintain their costs. However, you get more space and computing resources. Another difference is different websites on the server do not have to compete for resources. 

Everyone has its own resources, so all accounts are independent. All websites have their operating systems. Users are free to choose the apps they prefer. So, whatever happens on the server would have zero impact on your website. VPS is a little dedicated server that is kept within a shared server.

Eight Reasons VPS is Suitable for Modern Websites

  • Cost-Effective Growth

Cost-effectiveness in IT spendings is essential in the growth of IT business. It brings cost-effectiveness by striking a healthy balance in the shared hosting and dedicated hosting. That is true in both perspectives of capacity and expense.

  • Use Whatever Apps You Like

You can exercise control over your environment when you have VPS hosting. We have mentioned that all websites on the VPS  server are independent. Even if one of the websites faces a breach or something like that, other websites will face zero consequences. Likewise, operating systems are separate, and you are free to use whatever app you find best. The only condition is that the app should be compatible with your operating system.  

Also, you can choose to pick the operating system from Linux or Windows. Server configuration is also possible. Do it freely, as per your website needs. The web host does not impose any restrictions. 

That is very different from shared hosting. Every user is bound to work with the provider’s single configuration. Imagine the difference in the levels of convenience. 

  • High-Availability/Great Uptime

Yes, the physical servers host your website. But you must know that the VPS is virtual. It comes without any physical components at all. So what would happen if the actual physical server goes down? 

In that case, the provider would instantly reboot your virtual server on another physical server. Hence, the VPS can provide you with even more reliable uptime and availability than a dedicated server. Therefore, it would be a more than perfect choice if you run a critical application. 

  • Neighbors Cannot Mess With You

Heavy traffic on one website would slow down the other website. An attack on one website would make the other one unsafe as well. These are the everyday issues when you are on shared hosting. 

Also, if one website runs a critical business application,  it will need more resources. That would result in resources being unavailable for the other website. 

VPS sets you free from these tensions by assigning dedicated resources to each website. All share the physical server but get a specific portion of its resources. So no matter what happens, one website would never be allowed to utilize the CPU or memory dedicated to another. 

  • VPS Hosting Offers Stronger Security

Security concerns also grow as the business grows. Businesses must ensure the security of confidential data and prevent unauthorized access in any case. VPS hosting gives you confidence in your security since websites are independent. So, the chances of a hack or breach are low.  

Your apps and data are far from the other website’s apps and data. So their malware infection will not affect you. Also, on shared hosting, hackers use the backdoor from your neighbor’s files and enter into your system. That is not possible with VPS.  

If you go for a managed VPS provider, the host will offer an extensive list of security measures. You may also find OS updates, intrusion monitoring, remote backups, firewalls, and patching. 

  • Easy Upgrades

So you need to upgrade your system. That is why you’re switching to VPS from shared hosting. What if you have the same feeling again after some months? Well, let us tell you another super plus of VPS. It is super easy to upgrade when you feel your business is calling for another jump. 

There are a plethora of packages you can upgrade to. They offer more processing power, storage, memory, and capacity. On the other hand, you can also downgrade to a lower package if you feel your requirements are decreasing. 

In short, VPS is one of the most scalable options.

  • Multiple Virtual Private Servers Can Be Used

VPS is designed to be a low-cost alternative. So VPS also allows using more than one virtual private server to run many different applications. Some people like to run a separate server for development. Sometimes, our priority is to have two other servers with different configurations. It is possible.   

It is possible to use one server for running your website and the other for running your operational apps. It may cost a little more. However, it would still be much more convenient than having multiple dedicated servers.

  • Best & Maintained Hardware

Growing websites need the best hardware for up-to-the-mark performance. Suitable hardware is the key to fast loading speed. Luckily, VPS providers offer industry-standard hardware. 

So run the most demanding apps flawlessly and efficiently. Providers take care of both hardware and software. They upgrade and monitor your server continuously.  

Putting It All Together

So, VPS is one of the most reliable solutions for growing businesses. Growing businesses need higher performance without increasing budgets. And this is what VPS offers.

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