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VPS Hosting UK – Reasons to choose The Email Shop


VPS Hosting UK – Reasons to choose The Email Shop

A good VPS hosting UK is the ideal platform for more power and independence without increasing the budget. The total number of VPS services in the market could be vast enough to make the selection difficult.  However, The Email Shop is one of the best choices you can make.

After having a quick overview of what VPS is, we will see how TheEmailShop makes the best VPS for you. 

VPS Hosting UK: Virtual Private Server 

VPS is the abbreviation of Virtual Private Server, and it is based on a virtual environment. This environment and dedicated server work the same way. However, VPS saves you from a physical machine’s high cost and management overheads. So let’s discuss how VPS makes it possible.   

VPS takes a larger server and makes many virtual machines on the same hardware. That is how it saves hardware costs. As a result, VPS is an excellent choice in various cases.

Just like a dedicated server, VPS also lets you install applications. In addition, it provides you access to the operating system that works beneath for a fraction of the dedicated server’s cost. You can also think of VPS as a type of cloud server

When Should You Consider Buying a VPS

Yes, one should not just blindly buy a VPS. Let us discuss both scenarios when VPS suits you and when VPS does not suit you. 

When to Buy VPS

  • Your website has exceeded the resource limits of a reseller or shared hosting. 
  • The architecture of shared or reseller hosting is no longer fulfilling your needs.
  • Root access to the server is critical for you. 
  • Your shared host does not support specific modules or applications, and you have to install them. 
  • It would be best to have a virtual environment for your testing and software development. 
  • You handle sensitive data and process financial transactions all the time. 
  • You expect or are already having extreme traffic fluctuations. 

When Not To Buy VPS

  • You host low-traffic websites. 
  • The websites you host are not mission-critical. 
  • You are new in the hosting world and do not know much about basic things such as FTP. 

If it turns out your situation is calling for VPS Hosting, feel free to try TheEmailShop. 

The Signs of The Best VPS Hosting UK

Beginners face the paradox of choice when many VPS hosting services are available. VPS providers usually offer several plans. All provide different amounts of email, storage, domain hosting, and data transfer. 

However, we enlist some typical signs indicating the excellent VPS hosting quality. 

Following are some of the features that generally all good VPS hosting providers offer. 

  • Minimum 4 GB RAM (Lesser Amount Compensated With Optimal Price)
  • 100 GB of Storage (If it is lesser, Price Becomes More Reasonable)
  • Enough Volume of Monthly Data Transfer
  • Unlimited monthly data transfers & bandwidth
  • A Good VPS SSD Hosting
  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
  • Money-back Guarantee
  • Reliable Uptime Guarantee

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What Makes The Email Shop The Best VPS Hosting UK

The Email Shop is the best because it uses industry-standard solid-state drive. Hence your app runs the way it should and enhances the user experience.

Gives Your Website Magically Fast Speed

The VPS SSD servers enhance the performance of your website. If you are also speed-conscious like all webmasters, you will love TheEmailShop’s servers because they load the pages at a lightning pace. In addition, we offer highly-tuned servers that provide you with full redundancy and help your web app perform to its fullest potential.

Provides High-Quality Self-Intuitive Integrated cPanel

Manage your website professionally and add to the efficiency with our powerful cPanel. Feel free to reach out to us and order a cutting-edge control panel for SSD solutions. We understand that there are multiple aspects you have to take care of, so we make sure that our provided cPanel is comprehensive enough.

Offers Quick Launch

At The Email Shop, we value our clients’ time and do not make them wait for hours just for activation. As a result, your server can upgrade and run with a consistent supply. In addition, our engineers understand the industry demands and standards and design the servers accordingly.

 Provides Outstanding Performance

We can make your website high-performing with our unique monitoring mechanisms. Easy server configurations and handy server tools will be some clicks away from you. In addition, The Email Shop has sophisticated anti-spam methods.

Gives SSD BASED VPS: Performance Storage for All

The superior performance comes from high-level and top-notch SSD storage. We optimize them for sustained IOP’s and good durability. The purpose is to ensure that they perform better than traditional mechanical drives and are best for enterprise-class applications.

Managed 24×7: Support of TheEmailShop goes one step beyond

Each VPS plan is equipped with solid support that spans multiple channels like live chat, support tickets, and phone. Moreover, the well-experienced security team is standing by your side in every case. 

Their services are not limited to patching and updating your VPS. They will also provide you with excellent consultancy for security and application performance. As a result, you will always have the relaxing feeling of your VPS operating at its best.

The Latest Technology Powers Performance Hardware of The Email Shop

We offer a professional blend of enterprise-class SSD drives, high-performance RAID controllers, the latest Intel Xeon Processors, and high-speed DDR4 memory. It results in exceptional performance.

The Email Shop Offers Generous Guarantee

The Email Shop provides a 45-day money-back guarantee, which signifies the vendor’s solid confidence in its services.

The Email Shop is ISO Certified

We are an ISO-certified firm, and a worldwide renowned company.

The Email Shop is Great at Information Security Management

Optimization of all possible redundancies guarantees maximum uptime. As a result, The Email Shop is the most secure VPS out there. 

The Email Shop is the Member of the East Midlands Chamber

We are delighted and proud to be members of the East Midlands Chamber. 

The Email Shop Provides Multiple Pricing Plans

There are a total of eight packages which are as low as £2.39/month and as high as £59.99/month. While all plans come with unmetered bandwidth, 100% infrastructure uptime, high availability cluster, and 24×7 Technical Support, they differ in storage specifications and the CPU core. 

Intel Xeon with HT Technology Processor is also common in all plans. VPS-Lite is the cheapest plan, and it offers 1v CPU cores, 1GB RAM, and 15 GB SSD storage. Upgrade to VPS-Ultimate Power+, the most expensive plan, and you get 12v CPU cores, 600 GB SSD storage, and 32 GB RAM. 

Want to launch your start today? Reach out to us at TheEmailShop, now.