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VPS hosting vs shared hosting: Get a reliable hosting server

VPS hosting vs shared hosting | What is the difference?

The hosting is used by the organization to host their data on the internet. Choosing reliable hosting is very complex. Especially if you are not a tech expert or you lack knowledge in the technology. Today a lot of hosting services are used by the organization. Hosting like shared hosting and VPS hosting allows even small business to host their site on the internet. VPS hosting vs shared hosting will explain how to compare the hosting and how to choose the hosting that suits your organization. Cheap and reliable hosting services are provided at the email shop.

VPS hosting vs shared hosting:

Let us understand these two hosting solutions before we compare them. VPS hosting is a type of hosting in which you have dedicated server resources like ram, bandwidth, etc. You can have reliable, secure data using VPS hosting. On the other hand, shared hosting allows you to host your site on the internet while sharing your server resources like ram, bandwidth.

VPS hosting vs shared hosting

Now we will list out the difference between shared, VPS dedicated hosting. 

  1. When you heard hosting, the first thing that comes in your mind will be the performance. The performance of your site depends on the resources that your server have. In shared hosting, the server specification is selected by the hosting provider. So, the performance depends on how much investment the provider has made in the server. Moreover, in shared hosting, the site performance will be affected by other users sharing the server’s resources with you. In dedicated hosting, you are not sharing your resources with any other user. Since you know about your resources, limit you will efficiently manage the site data of your server. So, site performance will be high when you are using VPS hosting.
  2. The second main thing about hosting is your budget. The budget plays an important role in organization growth. The price of the shared hosting is less as you are sharing your resources. Sharing the resources divide the expenses, and thus the overall cost will below. On the other hand, in VPS, you have almost all the physical server features. So, the price of the VPS is high.
  3. The shared hosting has shared resources for the user. You are hosting your site on the server on which other users also have their data on the server. This affects your site data as if any other user has high traffic on his site, your site will face lag or might go down.  In VPS hosting, you have dedicated resources like ram, hard disk, etc. This way, your server data will remain protected.
  4. The security of the hosting is also very important. If you have sensitive data on your site like customer username, password, credit card details, etc., your site must be secure. The shared hosting does not guarantee 100% security of the site. The site data can be affected if you or the user sharing the resources with you make a mistake. Moreover, sharing of the resources reduces the security of the site. While in VPS, you have better security. You will be provided with security patches and SSL certificates. Other users will not use your resources, so the data on your server will be very reliable. So, VPS has better security as compared to shared hosting.

VPS hosting vs shared hosting: Comparison of different hosting:

To give you a better idea about how to choose a good hosting, we compare different hosting also.

The dedicated hosting and shared hosting:

Dedicated hosting is hosting in which you rent a server from the hosting provider. In dedicated server hosting, you have a huge number of dedicated resources to manage the site data. The dedicated hosting will give you a lot of control over your site. You can access your server using the service like remote hands.

In dedicated hosting your site, data will easily manageable as you are utilizing the whole server for your site. While in shared hosting, if you have high site data, then managing it will be very difficult.

If you have high traffic on your site, then the high number of dedicated server resources will allow you to manage your site easily. In shared hosting, if the traffic is high, then shared resources will give you a lot of problems like site lag.

You have better control over your server and can access your server. In shared hosting, you cannot have access to your server. The provider will only provide you with a control panel for the management of the site data.

The price of dedicated hosting is higher than shared hosting.

To choose reliable hosting, you have to understand your organization need. If your organization have a high workload and you have medium to high traffic on your site. Then VPS hosting will be effective for you. You will be easily able to handle and manage your site data. On the other hand, if you have less workload and do not want to manage your site data, shared hosting will be effective. You can efficiently host your site using shared hosting.


The hosting is chosen by most of the organization. To understand hosting, comparing them is one of the best methods. We have compared VPS hosting vs shared hosting to give an idea about these two. The VPS hosting is more secure as compared to the shared hosting because of the dedicated resources of the VPS. The performance of the site is high in VPS as compared to the shared hosting. The shared hosting is cheap as compared to dedicated hosting because you are sharing your resources in the shared hosting. The email shop has reliable and reluctant hosting packages.

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