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Why Choose High Bandwidth VPS Hosting UK ?


VPS Hosting UK : Why Choose High Bandwidth

Yes, shared servers are cost-effective. However, most webmasters complain about their negative points like slow speed and poor performance. Furthermore, when using a shared server, you are competing for resources with other websites. Also, there are significant security reasons. 

If you get a dedicated server, it will eradicate all other concerns. There has to be some affordable advantage that offers both worlds’ best.

VPS Hosting UK : Basics & Definition

Most experts agree that the ideal way out is a VPS server. VPS is a short form of Virtual Private Server. Even in VPS hosting UK, different websites share the same server. So then, where is the difference?

It allocates and guarantees exclusive access to a dedicated amount of resources for every website. Storage space, RAM, processor access, and bandwidth are examples of resources. As a result, VPS hosting UK is cheap, fast, secure, and reliable. 

So that eliminates the factor of competition. Whatever happens on the neighbor websites, does not affect your website. Every virtual server has dedicated resources. 

Despite operating on the same physical hardware, they behave as independent servers. As a result, you have complete control over the operating system, server setup, applications deployed, and security measures. The best plus is that the RAM and bandwidth are always there for you and your customers. 

Lets talk about the basic types of VPS hosting.  

Managed VPS Hosting UK

Managed VPS hosting UK is mostly the choice of beginners or people with little or zero technical experience. The providers are responsible for updates, server setup, backups, security measures, and monitoring. 

Unmanaged VPS Hosting UK

This is preferred if you have enough technical experience or a complete technical team. The providers will just provide the server and install the operating system. Everything like software installation, security monitoring, and backups is your headache. Hardware failure is also not the responsibility of the hosting provider. 

The tradeoff is between cost and easy management. You get the unmanaged VPS hosting UK for an affordable price, but you have to manage everything. On the other hand, managed VPS sets you free from management pain, but you have to pay more than unmanaged VPS hosting.

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How Can a VPS Hosting UK Server Make Your Life Easy?

Let’s take a quick look at the blessings you enjoy when using high bandwidth VPS UK. First, when you have a UK VPS, your website performs the best in the most targeted geographical areas like the US and Europe. Next, let’s figure out why more and more businesses are switching from shared hosting to virtual private servers. 

VPS is a Cost-Effective Solution

One of the most contributing factors is cost-effectiveness. These solutions are much more affordable than most people think. 

VPS is a Reliable Solution

Since the activities of neighboring websites have zero impact, VPS hosting gives you fantastic reliability. Any sudden spike in the traffic of neighboring websites has no relevance for you. 

Slow loading time is a big no since it scares the people away and adversely affects the conversions. Thanks to dedicated resources, your website loads with blazing fast speed. 

Scalability: You Can Use The Resources As You Fit

VPS Hosting comes with a supreme advantage of resource control. UK VPS provides you with dedicated resources, and you can use them in any way you find better. It is an excellent competitive edge over shared hosting, where you have a very minute control level over resource allocation. 

Right at the moment when you sign up for UK VPS, the interface will notify you about the exact resources you have. So now feel free to manage the resources for your content, whichever way you see best. Hence, using a single plan to run multiple websites becomes easy and manageable. 

Moreover, unlike a dedicated plan, there is no restriction of a single physical server. So over time, you can expand your resources in the light of your website’s requirements. So tackling the sudden traffic spikes is no longer an issue.  

Choice of Operating System and Application Software

In shared hosting plans, you never get the choice to pick the applications and operating systems you like. A web host is the one to decide. Your say in server configuration is zero. In VPS Hosting UK, you have the freedom of choosing both operating systems and application software. 

You can find numerous VPS plans that let you choose from multiple OS options and provide an auto-installer for common development applications. Unmanaged plans sometimes even provide you with total control over installation and administration.

Good For Developers

If you are a developer, VPS hosting UK  will come in handy. For instance, you can employ node.js for your web development project and pick them. Moreover, if you think you need to free up additional server resources, you are free to uninstall applications you don’t want. 

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Increased Efficiency: For Go Green Trend

Topics like eco-friendly technology and green hosting have gained enough attraction to become a buzzword in recent years. We all have realized our responsibility to play our parts at an individual level and put in our best efforts to reduce carbon footprint as much as we can. Guess what, VPS can even help you accomplish this goal and enjoy the satisfaction of fulfilling your duty. 

When you use the dedicated server, you utilize all resources that they offer. Nevertheless, you are the only business consuming the power of that server. However, the scenario is pretty different when you use the VPS.

VPS divides a large dedicated server into multiple virtual environments. Thus, a number of people share the resources of one actual server, and the resource utilization is done in an optimal manner,  which is crucial for going green.

VPS Hosting UK Improves Your Website’s Performance

More dedicated resources improve your website’s performance in different aspects, such as speed, SEO, user experience, and conversions. For example, thanks to more capacity and processing power, your site loads quickly in the user’s browser. As a result, you will notice higher levels of user engagement. In addition, it will increase the conversion rates, which is a byproduct of better ranking in search engine result pages. 

Looking for a Good VPS Hosting UK?

If these pros have convinced you to get one for your business, TheEmailShop offers excellent VPS UK hosting plans with outstanding and reliable features at budget-friendly packages. An integrated cPanel, high-quality hardware, and the industry’s best SSD drive ensure your business website’s smooth and efficient performance. 

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