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UK VPS Why Location Matters ?


UK VPS: Why Location Matters ?

What is the most important thing to think about when choosing a UK VPS server?
Usually, the first things to pop up in our minds are uptime guarantee, speed, and security. Rarely do we think about how the crucial role that location plays. 

A wise decision would help you improve your website in many other aspects. Its profound impacts manifest in loading times, SEO rankings, and legal compliance. 

Location Should Be Near Your Target Audience

Suppose your servers are based in the United States, but most of your audience resides in Europe. It would take some time to connect across continents. In addition, European audiences will never enjoy as fast a loading speed as American users. 

Who Should Have VPS Servers?

The unique selling point of virtual private servers is the relaxing freedom they offer. However, the margin is found in many aspects, such as usage and customization abilities. 

Web developers make the most of this freedom. UK VPS is just like a dedicated server for them. Having full authority over the entire software and adapting any functionality to their needs is what developers love about VPS. 

Moreover, VPS is financially suitable and does not disturb your budget. Therefore, you can enjoy all the perks of dedicated servers at quite affordable prices.  

VPS is also an excellent opportunity for small and medium-level enterprises looking for diverse platforms. Most of the time, their preference is a comprehensive platform to host their website. It has to be at least versatile enough to allow email management and customer management software. UK VPS is a good option as they can cut costs by having only one server for sharing all applications and workload. 

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Cons of Choosing Inappropriate Location for UK VPS

Let us explore in detail the reasons why location is important.  

Location Affect Website’s Speed: UK VPS

Surveys show that half of the users close the web page that takes more than three seconds to load

Yes, nothing is more valuable than speed for web browsers. There is no waiting concept at all. And the location has a direct impact on speed. We have already talked that the nearby area helps reduce distance, and pages load quickly.  

Today is the age of mobile eCommerce, where speed is even more critical. Slight improvements show excellent results. Back in 2019, a survey conducted in Denmark showed that decreasing load time makes people more willing to recommend websites to someone. 


The amount of time that a server requires to take and process a user’s request. Recall the previous example of a website having a target audience in Europe and a server in the US. It means when distance increases, latency also increases. And when latency increases, page loading time slows down.    

UK VPS: Location Affects Website’s SEO 

To understand the SEO benefits of an appropriate location, we first have to know some terminologies. Dwell time is the time duration for which a user stays at your website after selecting a link from SERPs. The other term is bounce rate. 

It is the percentage of visitors who leave your web page without taking any further action, like clicking another link. Search engines consider both of them a lot. 

If you are a website owner, Google will also let you select a target country. The tool is known as Google Search Central. Formerly, it was known as Google Webmasters. But Google will not do so if you choose a country-based domain. 

So what happens when you do not specify a target country. First, Google performs a critical analysis of the websites of your competitors. Then, it tries to figure out your location in the light of some parameters. Those are content, backlinks, and the IP address of your server. 

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What’s a CDN?

CDN stands for Content Delivery Network and is nothing but a group of servers that exists across the world. There are two primary functions of CDN. First, it has to store the data. Secondly, when needed, it delivers the same data to your website’s visitors in a quicker manner. That may include images and videos. 

CDN is basically there to facilitate your original hosting server. It minimizes some of its bandwidth strain by delivering some data from somewhere else. In most cases, the replacement server is the server closest to your visitor. 

But the load is never entirely relegated to that nearest server. That CDN server serves some portion of the content. The hosting server still delivers the rest of the content. But the technique also speeds up web pages. That is why every good UK VPS company, like Grid Hosting, always uses CDN. 

Your Server Location Affects Legal Compliance

One of the issues you may face when the server and website are not in the same country is legal repercussions. 

You have to give them a thought if you are a website administrator or an owner. Every country practices rules regarding information security in a unique way. There are numerous laws in every country about data storage in servers. Let’s say you are running a business that operates in the health care sector. It is quite possible that any country does not allow you to store medical data in the servers located in some specific countries. 

The Final Verdict

We can’t help but reiterate the message written at the very start. As they also make sense as ending words. The closer your server is to your target audience, the better your speed.     

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