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Why Cheap SSL Certificate UK Is More in Demand Than Expensive One?


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Why Is Cheap SSL Certificate UK More Desirable Than Expensive One?

We tend to think expensive price tags indicate that a product is high-quality in daily life. However, things are a little different when it comes to SSL certificates. Cheap SSL certificate UK is almost like a buzzword we all talk about, and expensive ones we never discuss.

This post from The Email Shop will discuss the reasons behind it. We will see why the best SSL certificate UK does not necessarily have to be expensive.

Cheap SSL Certificate UK

This is not any listicle post. We are not going to tell you about the top 10 SSL certificate providers.

Why Should You Try to Find an SSL Certificate At First Place?

SSL protects your data and client-server communication. In addition, it encrypts every bit of information, which is more than paramount when dealing with customers’ sensitive data—for example, passwords, addresses, credit card numbers, etc.

Moreover, it provides authentication to your website and helps achieve SEO goals. Google’s utmost priority is to protect its users from scams. They changed their Algorithms back in 2014 to prioritize HTTPS enabled websites. SSL improves customer trust since today’s customer is wiser than ever and knows very well about SSL certificates. You have to buy SSL certificate UK to survive.

So definitely, you should take some time to find the best SSL certificate for eCommerce site. However, the price is a separate issue, and now we are about to jump to that side.

Recent Developments in Favor of Cheap SSL Certificate UK

Gone are the days when expensive SSL certificates were in demand, and companies used to earn heavy revenues from their sale. Today’s era is about finding the cheapest SSL certificate UK.

There was a time when the green address bar of the SSL certificate was the symbol of trust for your audience, and it still is. However, hefty rates for that have lost their meaning and essence.

The first of those recent developments happened at the end of 2018. Google announced that they would be giving slightly less importance to HTTPS certificates in their search rankings.

The second news surfaced in mid-2020. Google and Apple decided to limit the validity of security certificates to one year before they started showing browser warnings.

The collective impact of these two moves was the declining significance of expensive SSL providers. For sure, the companies making an obscene profit from selling SSL certificates were doomed to lose that part of revenue. The trend was bound to shift towards cheap SSL certificate UK and even free of cost. Every UK SSL certificate provider had to adapt to the morphing web landscape.

Does Expensive SSL Certificate Make Your Website Special?

Browsers displaying your website differently was the selling point of extended validation certificates. They used to differentiate it with a green address bar. The purpose of this greenery was to give visitors additional trust in your website and make you appear more legit.

However, this is history now. Browsers have stopped making that distinction. So even if you visit websites with presumably one of the most vital SSL certificates in the world, like PayPal, you will not see anything green in the address bar.

So does that mean PayPal is no more different than your eCommerce store? No, but that means that paying hefty prices for expensive certificates does not make sense.

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The Same Levels of Security

Security has been democratized by widespread and open-source encryption tools. Similar levels of encryption are available to sensitive banking systems and regular websites.

The math of encryption works regardless of price tags. So there is no need to spend on heavy price tags. You can find the same level of security in any cheap SSL certificate UK.

Paid SSL certificates could be expensive. Renewal costs can even exceed the cost of hosting.

Should You Prefer Free SSL Certificate Over Cheap SSL Certificate UK?

In simple words, the answer is no. Free SSL certificates are also outstanding, but removing the price tag cannot be reasonless. Looking for the best-paid SSL certificates and doing SSL certificate price comparison totally worth your time.

However, we must first talk about some basic concepts to explain those reasons. Let’s discuss both free and paid SSL certificates.

Free SSL Certificates

Web owners can use as many Free SSL certificates as they want. However, one certificate will only suffice one domain. There are two types of free SSL certificates. One is self-signed, and an authority signs the other.

Let’s discuss the limitations that free SSL certificates come with:

Only Domain Validation

It is only limited to domain validation (DV). For small websites and blogs that don’t need data collection from their website visitors, free SSL certificates are suitable. It is so because the level of authentication they require is fundamental.

Limited Use

Businesses require financial data collection, so they don’t suit businesses. However, blogging websites with no data collection would work fine on a free certificate.

Dedicated business owners and website owners need Organization Validated or Extended Validation certificates to prove their legitimacy.

Validity Period

You have to renew it every 30 to 90 days.

Non-reliable Technical Support

Do not expect up-to-the-mark technical support. The only thing you can rely on is the forums where free SSL users gather to discuss free SSL issues with each other.

Level of Trust

A better word for that would be ambiguous.  There is no assurance of proper encryption and protection.


Free SSL certificates do not come with any warranty. In case of data breaches and cyber-attacks, warranty money is the last resort to rebuild the company’s website and pay for the data breach penalties.

Paid SSL certificates

Paid SSL certificates come in these three options:

Domain Validated SSL

This certificate only checks against the domain registry. Therefore, there is no meticulous vetting process required to acquire it.

Organization Validated SSL

They comply with specific standards that show all critical information to validate an organization. Finally, the Certificate Authority (CA) authenticates the identity of the Organization, which takes a couple of days.

Extension Validated SSL

CA  conducts a strict validation. Trained agents authenticate the business identity using the business registry databases that the governments host.

Putting It All Together

The paid but Cheap SSL Certificate UK is the best option for your websites. It comes with various choices, extended validity periods, and excellent technical support.

Feel free to reach out to The Email Shop team if you want to inquire more about SSL certificates.