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Colocation hosting

What is a co location server? – Get a detailed overview

Co location server: Understanding needs and pricing

To host the site on the internet multiple servers are required. These servers have high resources using which you can process the high data of your site. However, these servers require a specific environment to operate. The hosting provider has a managed environment for the servers. The hosting that provides the managed environment of the server is known as co location server hosting. Having reliable hosting is very important these days. The email shop has reliable colocation hosting with multiple packages for its users.

co location server

What is co location server hosting?

What is colocation? Colo hosting is hosting in which you have a specific environment for your servers. This provider usually has a data center as a managed environment for their site. The data center has equipment like a cooling system, power circuits, etc. installed in it. You just shift your servers into the data center and get a space for your servers. This way your server will work optimally, and your site performance will be high. Colocation hosting heavily increases the reliability of your site.

If you do not provide your servers with a managed environment, then you will face a lot of problems while hosting your site on the internet. The servers will reboot automatically. You will face lag. This issue usually occurs because your server is overheated. Or you do not supply proper power to your servers.

You might be wondering why the organization does not install its own managed environment for the servers. The organization has a limited budget. The installation of a managed environment is very costly. Not only do you have to install the managed environment for the server but also you need to hire professional staff that will maintain the environment. This can heavily disturb the budget of the organization. If the organization’s budget is disturbed, then it cannot make effective growth. That is why most of the organization prefer colocation hosting.

How spacing is done is co location server hosting:

The colocation business provider offers space in the form of racks. The racks are usually measured in square feet or rack units (U). One rack unit is equivalent to 1.75 inches. These rack spaces are of multiple types. The hosting provider is familiar that no everybody wants to rent the whole rack for their servers. So, they provide their clients with different types of spaces in which they can store their servers. We will discuss these spaces below:

  • The smallest rack space is 1U rack space. In 1U rack space you will get a space for the typical server. This is the smallest space that the hosting provider will give you. In the 1U rack space, the hosting provider will put your server in a shared rack. The organization can store their 6-8 servers in their rack. The 1U space allows small organization to provide their servers with a managed environment.
  • The quarter rack colocation space comes after the 1U rack space. The 1U rack space is efficient only for 6-8 servers. After that, the effective and efficient space is quarter rack colocation space.  You can store 10 servers in the rack using the quarter colocation space.
  • The half-rack colocation space allows you to store 22 servers in the rack of the data center. This is usually used by the organization that has high server usage.
  • The full rack has a standard size of 42U. In the full rack, you can store 42 typical servers in the data center. You will get a private localizable rack for the servers. You will have high control over your servers.

Things to consider before you buy colocation:

There are some things that you should check before you buy the colocation hosting.

The colocation hosting provider usually has cabinets for the typical servers. But not all users have typical servers for their site. The different site has a different requirement. Some special servers are made to fulfill the specific requirements of the sites. Some organization uses special servers for their site. These servers are different in size from the typical servers. So, before you buy the colocation hosting you should check the space of the rack.

If your servers do not fit in the cabinet, then you have to order the customizable rack. In a customizable rack, you can provide the server with the length and width of the cabinet. He will provide you with a rack of the cabinet made according to your specification. You should provide an accurate specification for your cabinet.

The location of the data center plays an important role. You might select a data center just because it is cheap. But you should also check the location of the space. Usually, the data centers in the Middle East and sub-continent are effective for data storage only. While the data center in Europe or North America is very popular for its speed and space. But they are expensive data centers. You should understand your site requirement and then select the hosting according to it.

You should have a proper estimate of the colocation bill. So, you do not disturb your budget. You should know what are the requirements of your site like bandwidth usage, how much power will your server utilize.


The co location server hosting is a hosting in which you will get managed environment for your servers. The hosting provider will give a space in the data center for your site. In the data center, they have installed equipment like a cooling system, power circuits, etc. This equipment keeps the server in an optimum environment. The colocation hosting provides space in the form of racks. The hosting provider has different kinds of spaces for the clients. You should check the cabinets before you buy the colocation hosting. The email shop is a reliable hosting provider that has effective colocation hosting.