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Fully Managed VPS Hosting UK – How To Find The Best One?


Nowadays, it is effortless to launch a website using VPS servers. It is not complicated anymore. A professional managed VPS hosting UK provides complete security and handles everything on your behalf to give you more time for sales-generating activities. 

The option of unmanaged VPS hosting is also available. But most people prefer managed VPS hosting since unmanaged requires a lot of technical experience and makes you responsible for almost everything. This article will discuss the benefits of managed VPS hosting and how you can find the best out of the lot.  

What is VPS Hosting?

Few websites use the same physical machine, but everyone utilizing dedicated resources is called VPS hosting. All websites have separate and isolated accounts. The virtualization process makes it possible. 

The process creates virtual instances on the server and allocates dedicated amounts of CPU, RAM, disk space, and bandwidth.

How Managed VPS Hosting Differentiates from Unmanaged One?

Of course, the provider is responsible for managing many things. Things like server management, updates & maintenance, security, and software installation would not be your headache. The provider handles all of this. On the other hand, you are responsible for everything if you go for unmanaged hosting. 

That is also why unmanaged hosting is usually cheaper than managed hosting. However, it requires too much technical knowledge and time. You do not get time for core business operations anymore. The convenience of managed hosting saves time for focusing on sales. 

5 Motivations To Get Managed VPS Hosting UK

VPS hosting is one of the fastest-growing services for a reason. They come with a list of advantages. Here we will share the five most prominent motivations for getting managed VPS hosting.

Motivation 1: Full Control

Isolation leads to control. The isolated environment of VPS sets users free to customize however they please. Though you share the physical machine, the accounts are isolated, so all hardware and software are under your control. You can make the required tweaks. However, this is not true in all cases. Many VPS hosting UK providers would not give you complete root access to avoid unexpected issues.

Motivation 2: Best Ever Performance

You do not only get the dedicated resources. Many providers would provide you with a lot of dedicated resources. Even the cheapest VPS gives 1 CPU core, a few GB RAM, and satisfying disk space. As a result, VPS works six to ten times better than shared hosting.

Motivation 3: Reliable Security

Not only does your server work faster, but it will also be safe from cyber threats. Managed VPS servers provide standard security features like firewall setup, automatic updates, and free SSL certificates.  

Motivation 4: Easily Scalable Resources

The requirements of growing websites are always unpredictable. We never know how much resources they will consume at any stage. So flexibility is highly appreciated in different resources. They could be server processing power, SSD disk space, or working memory. 

VPS solutions are easily and highly scalable. In addition, webmasters can add or remove programs. That also helps with making your budget.  

Motivation 5: Expert Support 

It is tough to manage a server without prior technical experience. No matter how many great tools and easy tutorials are available. The hosting team makes you feel secure and faces many challenges on your behalf. 

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Fully Managed VPS Hosting

You can further divide managed VPS hosting from the level of technical support offered. For first-time users, fully managed VPS hosting is better. Fully managed hosting resembles shared hosting if you look at the control over the server. From initial configuration, issue resolution to security add-ons is the provider’s job description. 

You get a separate virtual space on a server packed with dedicated system resources with fully managed VPS hosting. Also, as we have discussed, they take care of the technical aspects of server management. 

How to Find The Best Fully Managed Provider

The competition is tough in the web hosting industry. It is not like you will type ‘best fully managed hosting’ on Google and find the best one. However, it would help if you considered the following things:

Round-The-Clock Support: Customer support is essential in any service. However, it is more critical in fully managed VPS solutions. Many people like to go for fully managed VPS because they want someone to monitor their product continuously.

Stability of Server: Availability of the website is as important as page loading speed. Even if you have the fastest website in the world, it is of no use if it is not available. So prefer the provider with a robust infrastructure and the best server maintenance experience. Maybe you can utilize a cloud VPS service.

Resource Limits: Of course, you will be looking for a VPS with sufficient power to manage your website. However, you can think about more room for growth. You can pick the one that has the most space. Having a little more than you need is always a good practice. Hence, you can ensure that your website never suffers due to traffic growth.  

Short-term & Long-term Cost: You can quickly sort providers based on price. But one thing to remember is that the cheapest option is not always the best. The more important thing is whether you are getting value for your money or not. Think about the extras. Are you getting the features worth paying the price? Are renewal prices more than introductory prices?

Brand Reputation: Online reviews about any company can clearly tell you about the good and bad points of any hosting provider. However, there is a chance of fakeness, so it is always better to check testimonials.

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