How Does VPS Hosting Improve Website Page Speed

How Does VPS Hosting Improve Website Page Speed?


VPS hosting is the most common choice when we upgrade from shared hosting. There are multiple motivations to go for virtual private servers. Most of the time, we are looking for better performance, security, scalability, or speed. Sometimes, migration is just because shared hosting cannot fulfill our needs. 

This article is going to explain how VPS hosting improves website speed. We will also discuss how it impacts search engine optimization and user experience. However, before going into the details, it is better to make sure we understand the meaning of the website’s loading speed.

Website Loading Speed

The time between when you make the request and see the page fully loaded is called website loading speed. The better the speed, the more users it will attract. On the other hand, compromising on website loading speed is just like compromising on business. Nowadays, no one waits for more than a few seconds for a web page to load. 

Whenever someone visits your website, speed is the first thing they observe. So speed creates your impression.

What is a Virtual Private Server? 

Virtualization technology works behind VPS hosting. Many websites use a single server’s resources, but all have dedicated resources within that one server. Not a single website is ever allowed to utilize the resources of the other website. 

Does Speed Influence UX and SEO?

Before answering that question, we should ask if UX and SEO have anything to do with each other. Search engine optimization is how Google and other search engines see the website. Do they like it? 

UX (user experience) role is just like a ranking factor. UX is the average user’s feeling when they visit the website. If it is not a positive feeling, your SEO ranking is at stake. 

Since connectivity speeds are increasing day by day, users have very high expectations these days. So, website speed is crucial for both SEO and UX. Of course, the user will not feel good when the website takes too much time to load. Google and other search engines also do not want to frustrate their users by showing them slow websites, so they will not rank the page. 

This is how speed influences the SEO of the website. As per Google’s recommendation, the website should take three seconds to load. That further decreases when you are running an eCommerce website. 

When the speed is good, pageviews increase, and conversion rates improve. Also, it decreases the bounce rate. Bounce rate is the percentage of people who do not make a second request after visiting your website.

How does VPS Improve Speed?

Every website gets dedicated resources within a server. All have their dedicated RAM, allocated bandwidth, and virtual CPU. So, how does VPS manage it? They provide every website with its own operating system. However, some VPS providers perform much better than others by offering higher speeds. Also,  they let you control your resources better. They do some extra great things to ensure such features. Here are those different things. 

  1. Browser caching is the first. There is no point in loading the data on the same page repeatedly. It is better to save it and use it on your next visit. That saves a lot of time. The page loads more quickly on the second visit. The browser just has to fetch the already saved data. Otherwise, it would have to search for data on every visit.
  2. Redirect is the second great thing they do. A common error 404 is the result of broken links. So the VPS providers use proper redirects to save viewers this inconvenience. The visitor gets to see the homepage or whichever they had last visited if they try to open the page with the broken link.   
  3. Then comes page optimization. Some websites have high-resolution images. They take time to load and ultimately slow down the website’s speed. Good VPS servers optimize these images to solve the problem and ensure good speed. 
  4. Last but not least is specifying dimensions. URLs must have fixed dimensions to run the page correctly. VPS ensures high speed by setting them.

Great Qualities of VPS Hosting That Leads to Ultra-high Speed

Websites hosted at Virtual private servers have incredibly high page loading speeds. The following outstanding features make VPS capable of achieving this. 

  1. First is maximum privacy. Websites cannot use each other’s resources, no matter what happens. Every website is only entitled to its own resources.
  2. Also, virtual private servers allow high customization. The operating system is in your control. You have the freedom to use it however you like best. Also, applications like PHP and MySQL give you an open customization room. 
  3. Third on the list is the sweetest English word, control. You can install your preferred applications and make the server behave as you want.

How To Test The Web Page’s Speed?

Pingdom is one of the best speed measuring tools. The process is as simple as opening up Pingdom and typing the address of websites whose speed you want to measure. Hereafter, you select the location and press the button that says, ‘Start Test.’

The procedure will take some time. Pingdom will thoroughly analyze your website to give the most accurate result. They also provide some other valuable data other than speed.

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What Decreases The Web Page Speed?

Traffic is not the only factor that slows down the website. A lot of other things may also lead to poor speed. Heavy graphics need some time to load, for example. Sometimes, the number of features a website uses is just too much. Moreover, heavy applications make the website sluggish. 

Sometimes, other websites embed some content from your website. So whenever someone visits their website, that specific content loads from your server. Hence, your server has to fulfill the requests of their website as well.  

What Is The Solution?

A great way is to disable hotlinking. No website would be able to embed any content from your website then. Another hack is to update the script versions. WordPress empowers a majority of websites these days, and it uses PHP. So, you can also update PHP versions. Also, delete unnecessary features as soon as possible. 

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