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How to Choose Best WordPress Hosting in 2022


It seems easy to find the best WordPress hosting for your business, but sometimes it turns out to be tricky. However, it is an essential task when you build your WordPress website, and this article will be your complete guide for finding the best WordPress hosting in the UK. 

The task is difficult because of an extensive list of options. In addition, the market is full of providers. When you also include the different plans of every company, feeling overwhelmed is natural.

Read this article to build your mind map for pinpointing your ideal WordPress hosting in 2022. We will cover all the basic points you should know for choosing the best company. 

The Basic WordPress Requirements

The majority of web hosting companies support WordPress. Perhaps, its light script is the most evident reason. So, make sure that your potential company supports MySQL v.5.6 or greater, MariaDB v.10.1 or greater, SSL (HTTPS) support, and PHP v.7 or greater.

What To Remember While Choosing The Best WordPress Hosting in 2022

You must pick the service that fulfills all your hosting needs. The core values you should look for are WordPress security, reliability, and speed. Good customer support and proper security should also be in your mind. 

However, every website has unique requirements. The one you choose should be perfect for your particular scenario. So the very first step has to be an evaluation of your WordPress needs. You can find free plans, dedicated plans, shared plans, and VPS plans in the market. 

Free WordPress Hosting

Nothing is free without reason. You can find many free WordPress hosting plans in the market but beware of the side effects. High chances are you will have text links, ads,  or free banners on your website. They will help your hosting provider earn. 

In many cases, companies offer free hosting to already paying customers. The reason could be those customers looking to share some server space and have some relaxation in total fees. 

Also, free WordPress hosting does not offer any uptime guarantee. If you opt for it, you will always have a high chance of going through downtime anytime. So this unreliability makes free WordPress hosting not recommended by experts. 

Shared WordPress Hosting

It is a renowned hosting type that mostly suits beginner websites with little or no traffic. You share the server with many other websites, which leads to affordable prices. The charges are much higher when you have a dedicated server for your website. Any other website can start consuming your resources at any given time.  

Mostly shared WordPress hosting providers ensure unlimited bandwidth, storage, and traffic. Yet you will have to switch to some better hosting type if the traffic suddenly increases. However, shared hosting is not a bad option for new small stores and bloggers.  

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WordPress VPS Hosting

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. This server type also lets many websites use it. However, it is partitioned into many parts, and every website uses a specific part. So websites get dedicated resources within a server. Therefore, it is more feature-rich than shared hosting. 

VPS is the most recommended option if you are an intermediate blogger (blog with high traffic) or an eCommerce website owner of a medium-level business. It is also recommended for developers. 

However, a little technical skill is also necessary for VPS. If you do not have it, opt for managed WordPress VPS hosting. If you purchase unmanaged WordPress VPS, you will have to see the technical aspects for yourself. So go for managed VPS and let them handle the technical problems for you. 

Dedicated WordPress Hosting

As the name implies, this server will be yours and only yours. You will get exclusive access to the resources and full control of everything. You are the in-charge of the hardware, operating system, and software. 

If you have an extensive online store with massive traffic, you should not go anywhere else. A dedicated server is the best option for high-traffic stores and blogs. Again managed dedicated servers are better if you lack deep technical knowledge.  

Here is a list of questions that you must answer to clarify your requirements. 

  • What is your monthly traffic?
  • How much traffic surge do you expect in the coming months?
  • How much scalability do you expect from your provider?
  • Do you need a developer-friendly hosting service?
  • What level of support do you need?

Features of Ideal WordPress Host

Let us review some basic features that your hosting provider must have. 

  • Performance & Speed

The performance is good when your hardware resources are good. A significant portion of overall performance is derived from the RAM, CPU, and disk space. However, the usage of hardware is also an important factor. That usage depends on what type of content you publish and the amount of traffic you receive. 

Let’s say you make viral content, which receives unexpectedly high traffic. Unfortunately, the average hosting plan won’t be able to handle it. As a result, websites may slow down or even crash. You should pick the server type from day one that can tackle such situations. 

It would be good to check the load on the CPU of your server. Also, check how much RAM and disk space are in your use. You should upgrade if consumption is near 100%. It is time for a change. 

  • Support

How much support you need depends on your knowledge of different hosting solutions. However, support is an important parameter when choosing a WordPress host. Even if you are going with managed WordPress hosting, do not underestimate it. You will need support anyhow. 

You might require less support if you are well-versed with WordPress. For example, you may have sound knowledge and experience with WordPress installation, security, backups, migration, and caching. 

Even if you are an expert, the chances of new issues surfacing are always there. Sometimes, one little mistake or ignorance messes up everything. Look for the WordPress host who offers excellent support and keeps its word. They should be providing exceptional support via several channels. 

  • Uptime

Now, this is the criteria with the most importance. Find the one that offers not between 95% and 98% but a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Even 0.1% of the difference can make a huge impact. 

  • Other Advanced Features To Expect From WordPress Host

  • The first thing is offsite backup and recovery. You should be able to get back to the original if the website is compromised. 
  • The second is caching, which helps increase speed. Some WordPress hosting companies offer to cache, and it would be best if you choose one of them. 
  • The third is Git Control. Again, it will be a lot beneficial if you are a developer. 
  • Fourth is the built-in content delivery network. The best CDNs would help you reach a global audience. 
  • Fifth is the physical location of the data center. Ideally, it should be close to where the majority of your target audience resides. 
  • Number six is security features. Do not settle when it comes to security. It should be more than perfect. 

Final Thoughts

Different options may work for different businesses when finding the best WordPress hosting in the UK. It depends a lot on what you want from your website. This article has enlisted almost everything you need to consider for making the best decision.

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