How to Know best time to migrate to VPS Hosting

How to Know best time to migrate to VPS Hosting


Managing a website is a complex and dynamic duty. You have to face many different challenges every other day. You learn a lot. But, whenever you feel a website is not performing well, it is not always a bug you can fix. Sometimes, your requirements become much more than your hosting plan can fulfill. It is time to upgrade to VPS hosting, but how do you know it is time?

This article will explain some signs indicating you need Virtual Private Server. If you see them, find the best VPS hosting you can.

  • You Deal With Tons of Sensitive & Confidential Data

The risk of a breach is too high on shared servers. Multiple websites reside on a single server. One compromised website puts all others at stake as well. Also, the customers have little knowledge about precautions, so they can easily fall victim to hackers. 

Yes, the providers do take some responsibility. But it is not trustworthy enough for growing businesses. Furthermore, shared hosting is not suitable for better and enhanced security. So, if your client’s data is sensitive, move to VPS hosting as soon as possible. Otherwise, your business will be in danger.

So VPS hosting protects you from security vulnerabilities. The server’s isolation and dedicated resources provide ultimate security that shared hosting cannot provide. Also, many providers offer you personalized protection that you can fully control.

  • Your Fame Is Growing

Yes, it feels great to see your website’s traffic increasing. It means you are getting popular, and more people are viewing your website. The chances of sales will also increase accordingly. But when your traffic elevates, you should also upgrade your hosting package. If you are on shared hosting, your current package cannot fulfill your needs. The best option in most cases is VPS, which gives impressive web page speed and higher server resources.

  • You Frequently See Internal Server Error or ’50x’

Is this error part of your routine? Do you come across 50x or 500x errors every other day? Probably, you should migrate to VPS hosting now.  

This error actually indicates that your website has used all its resources. Yes, the shared server’s quota is now over. It is the clearest sign you should go for VPS hosting. You cannot access your site if you do not upgrade your shared hosting plan. However, the better option is to get VPS since it will get you more resources. Otherwise, such troubles will keep returning and prevent your website’s success.

  • You Also Experience Downtime Frequently

Downtime is a big no. Large eCommerce stores cannot bear even one second of downtime. They earn impressive monthly income, and a little downtime can mess with it. Any business facing more extended downtime may cease to exist soon. So it would be wise to upgrade from shared hosting to VPS as quickly as possible. 

Do it immediately if you are experiencing frequent downtimes. The stronger stability of VPS servers reduces the chances of downtime to a minimum. They can tackle the website’s load smartly.

  • You Are The Ecommerce Store Owner

Do you need to install some custom software? If you are on shared hosting, you cannot do it since they will not allow you to. Again, VPS hosting is one of the most accessible and affordable options. Nearly all eCommerce stores must save credit card information, so they must be PCI certified. Shared hosting plans usually do not pass the PCI compliance test. However, the chances of failure in PCI compliance standards are very low in VPS servers.

  • Website Needs Direct Server Access

If you have direct control over your server, you have the freedom to customize server configurations. This direct server control is the synonym for full access. If you need full access, shared hosting is not for you. You should switch to a VPS server or dedicated server for good as soon as possible. Then, you will be free to edit files and install whatever app you want. 

The software market is also dynamic. New software enters the market every other day, and many are best for evolving business needs. So you must be able to install what you want to flourish your business. If you think your business requirements are also changing with time, you should go for VPS. VPS will give you full access to the server. And that means you can install any software you find reasonable.

  • The Speed Is Poor

Many factors influence website speed. Design and hosting are two of them. Are you facing speed issues with your shared hosting package? If yes, you should migrate your site to a good VPS server without a second thought. That would help your business grow, bring more traffic, and skyrocket your sales. 

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Putting It All Together

If your website has recently started getting traffic, you must have experienced any or all of these signs. However, even if one of those signs is true, you should consider migration to VPS. It is essential to keep the momentum. Yes, it could be more expensive than shared, but it also helps you generate revenue and retain your customers.

However, after deciding, you should also be careful in the vendor selection. The Email Shop Virtual Private uses industry-level SSDs to provide greater reliability levels.

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