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How to start your own blog


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Blogs have become quite popular in recent years.  With the growth of the internet, more people now enjoy the easy conversational writing style used in blogs, and they love how personal they are. Due to this shift in reader preference, blogs now get lots of attention worldwide.

Some blogs get as many as thousands of viewers per post.  From what we know about basic economics: when you have this much demand, it is indeed possible to derive monetary value.

In short, some bloggers have become quite wealthy from blogging; most of them started as hobbyists with little to no prior writing experience. That aside, several businesses now run blogs to enable consumers and internal staff with the goings-on

So, be you a hobbyist or small business owner, just about anyone can start a blog. This article gives a short run-down of the processes involved in starting your own blog. Let’s get right into it:

STEP 1: Choosing a name for your Blog

Your blog name should depict the central topic or theme of the blog; if you’re a business owner that deals in antiques and collectables, for example, you want your blog name to have a relation to antiques. You want your potential readers to be able to find you easily on the internet, so choose a catchy name that’s easy to remember and related to topics you talk about on your blog. Don’t get too hung up on the name though as you can always change it later to fit your content better. Also part of choosing a name is selecting a domain extension. The most common one is the “.com” extension, but there are other less common ones that you can choose from in case the “.com” version of your domain name is already taken.

STEP 2: Hosting your Blog

After choosing a name for your blog, you now have to get it online using a blog host. A blog host is a company that stores the files for your blog and makes them available to readers on the internet when they search for you. A blog host is essential to running a blog. The email shop provides you with a secure and professional blog hosting. At the email shop, you can take advantage of several cool features that we offer such as a vast selection of themes, excellent SEO facilities, social media integrations and a bunch of other cool stuff that will help you get a real head start on your blog. Plus we offer the best prices in the UK. Head on to our website at theemailshop.co.uk

STEP 3: Customizing your Blog

This is the part where you furnish your blog to fit your taste. Just like a homeowner, every blogger has an idea of what they want their blogs to look like as well as represent. When your blog host is done uploading your blog to the net, you will have the ability to log in as admin and tweak the layout of your blog to fit your style.

Step 4: Writing/publishing your first blog post and promoting

Now you’re done setting up; you can now do some actual blogging. Give your first blog post a catchy header and a short and sweet body; you can also add pictures or another form of media to the body of the piece. Publish. And voila! You have just posted your first blog post!

After this, you now have to create awareness for your blog. You could try sending the link to family and friends and encouraging them to refer orders. You could also post the link to your blog on your existing social media account where people asides from your family and friends can also see it. When you get readers, you then have to see about keeping them by encouraging them to subscribe. This way you can keep them notified about new posts on the blog. Remember the more people that visit your blog, the better.

At the moment, many small businesses and individuals are feeling uncared for by their current hosting, server or domain provider – we would like to take this moment to invite you into our digital family here at The Email Shop.  We will handle the whole transfer for you if you need to – or we’ll help you get started from scratch.

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Many regards,

The Email Shop Team