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Is Windows Hosting Better For WordPress Websites?


You have to think about a lot when you launch your WordPress website. Besides company features, you also have to consider if you need Linux for your WordPress website or if UK windows hosting is better. Just like your desktop computer, your server is also a computer. It requires an operating system to function correctly.

Operating systems have a significant impact on the hosting server. Both Linux and Windows have many striking differences. They use different technologies to operate and may not equally suit every type of website. So, it is essential to understand your needs and pick the server accordingly. 

This article will explain which (Linux or Windows) is the better choice for your WordPress website.  

Overview of Both Operating Systems

Many beginners do not bother about their server’s operating system. Maybe their requirement is not more than setting up a simple website or running a small WordPress blog. But if you want to dig deep into server configuration, you will learn about Linux and Windows hosting. 

Most of the time, you will see Linux as the default operating system of your server. Linux is compatible with cPanel and has earned a good reputation in web hosting

Here are some essential characteristics of the open source platform Linux. 

  • Linux is known for its stability. 
  • Linux adapts to all kinds of environments. 
  • Since it is open-source, it is also very safe.
  • Linux is also a budget-friendly option. 

Windows is a famous desktop operating system. Here are some of the main advantages of windows. 

  • Windows comes with a graphical user interface and is easier to use. 
  • Windows gives a more developer-friendly environment. It is easy to develop web applications and set up a .net framework. 
  • Windows offers a hybrid approach to cloud hosting.

What Questions to Ask Yourself Before Finalizing UK Windows Hosting Or Linux?

All operating systems are different. Some applications easily integrate with Linux and some with Windows. The type of software you want to install decides which server suits you. 

Try to answer these questions before deciding anything. After that, you can easily make up your mind.  

  • If you were to choose from an easy setup and greater flexibility, what would be your choice? 
  • Can you bear extra expenses? 
  • How much can you invest in security?
  • How do you feel about cPanel? 
  • Would you like or not like to use it?  
  • Think the same things about MySQL databases and phpMyAdmin. 
  • Are you okay if your website relies on or MS SQL?

Windows/Linux: Detailed Comparison

Let us see how they differ in the following five areas:

User Interface

As we mentioned earlier, Windows is much easier to use. The credit goes to its graphical and straightforward interface and familiar menus. At the same time, you would have to learn commands to perform many functions on Linux. The syntax of these commands would not be so easy to learn and understand. In most cases, admins use cPanel to increase usability.

Stability and security

Hacking risks are always there, no matter what operating system you use. Timely updates, backups, and maintenance are always part of the routine. However, windows are generally more vulnerable to threats. Linux is not only stable but also rarely needs a reboot. Windows is not a better option for running business-critical applications. Dealing with multiple tasks could be challenging for it.

Hardware and software compatibility

Big organizations with complex IT infrastructures prefer Windows. Two common examples are SharePoint and Exchange. Both are compatible with other Microsoft applications. 

Linux is not suitable for such solutions. Therefore, you should not rely on Linux if you have to survive in the corporate environment.

Development tools

The everyday use of Linux is developing or setting up a personal website. Tools like PHP, MySQL, FTP, and Apache are also used. If you have enough development experience, you can also use Perl or Python or configure an NGINX web server. But if you have sites developed in Microsoft ASP.NET and MS SQL technologies, you have no option other than Windows servers. You should look for the best Windows Hosting Service Providers in the UK or wherever your business resides. 


Linux is lightweight and easy on server resources while running commands. That is why it typically runs faster than Windows.

Which hosting is best for WordPress: Linux or Windows?

In short, Linux is much more suitable for WordPress websites than Windows. One primary reason is that WordPress runs on PHP, and PHP is not easy to configure on Windows. Also, the Microsoft Access database can slow down your website, as it is less robust than MySQL. As a result, the speed of your website may suffer.

It is also cost-efficient. You can easily find good WordPress hosting that uses Linux since there are no licensing costs. Also, the majority of providers will offer you an intuitive dashboard.

Also, we know that Linux is open source. That is why a community of developers is always there to contribute to the system. That adds to the stability and security of the system.

You can also use Linux for application development and custom code. But if .NET framework or applications like ColdFusion, ASP Classic, or Microsoft SQL Server are part of your plans, you should probably go with Windows hosting.


Operating system choice is one of the critical decisions when buying a VPS or a dedicated server. The more wise decision you make, the more quickly you achieve your goals. In addition, some specific applications need specific operating systems.

So, compatibility with PHP and MySQL databases makes Linux the best choice for WordPress websites. On the other hand, Windows hosting is a better option when using the .NET framework.

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