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managed cloud service providers

What is Managed Cloud Storage? All Things You Need to Know

Managed Cloud Storage vs Regular Cloud Storage | Key Differences

One of the best scaling services in the IT industry is cloud computing and the managed cloud storage services are among the most widely appreciated services in the IT industry. Cloud hosting took the industry by storm in the second decade of the 21st century. In this article, we are going to discuss the need for cloud computing, its uses, and its advantages for businesses all over the world. We will also shed some light on the cloud and managed cloud service provided by The Email shop and why our services might provide the best solution for your business.

managed cloud storage

What are the managed cloud storage services?

These services allow the users to utilize all the advantages and the power that cloud computing provides without actually needing to have the technical knowledge and expertise to manage your cloud infrastructure, management, and configurations. Your cloud’s infrastructure and the applications will need to be managed and configured by someone as they cannot manage themselves. You can either choose to manage the infrastructure yourself or have some professionals manage the infrastructure for you. You can hire different professional individuals to manage the resources and they configurations, infrastructure management, complex tasks and application, and tools. Or on the other hand, you can have a trusted partner service to manage these services and take care of all the complex and technical work in your cloud services, this will ideally save you the hassle of hiring new people into your organization and will save you a lot of additional paycheques.

managed cloud services provider will help you out with this process, the service provider will work out what are services will be operated in your house (organization) and what services will be managed by the service provider. Usually, the configurations and services that do not require much change such as the base infrastructure of resources will be managed by the managed cloud service providers and other services that are subjected to constant change will be managed in-house. Most of the top cloud service providers will have a wide array of services that will manage the customer’s infrastructure, such as computing storage, networking bandwidth and protocols, operating systems, and complex applications and tools on top of the infrastructure management.

Why buy Managed Cloud Storage?

The managed cloud service provides a lot of benefits over the standard cloud services, web hosting services and even colocation services.

  • Perhaps the single biggest advantage that cloud computing has to offer is the remote access to the industry-grade IT hardware’s resources that will be tailored to your system’s needs. You can have this access to the hardware without the need for buying the hardware yourself and have it housed in data centers such as in colocation services. Additionally, in a managed cloud solution you won’t be required to hire a team of professionals to manage your hardware 24/7.
  • The flexibility of services provided by cloud hosting to their customers is another great advantage. This means that you can scale your cloud infrastructure without much hassle depending upon the unexpected or planned growth of your business. A lot of times businesses grow unexpectedly and the web hosting services won’t be able to cope with that growth.
  • The managed cloud services allow you to focus on your business, growth, and customers instead of focusing on your IT infrastructure and services. The services will provide you with more time and focus for your business as most of the IT side of your business will be handled by the service providers. The services provided in the cloud managed services offerings are remarkable and reliable.

On the flip side there the unmanaged cloud storage services provided mostly by Amazon (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. In these services a user will lease the infrastructure of cloud services and will manage the infrastructure, additional applications, configurations, etc. on their own.

There are also services in which a user buys one or multiple accounts for cloud services from cheap and affordable companies and to manage multiple cloud storage accounts, the users choose other service providers.

Typically the businesses and companies that are just starting out (specifically in the IT sector) can benefit the most from the cloud and the managed cloud hosting services.

What is cloud hosting?

Cloud hosting service providers provide their customers with access to the infrastructure of services from their cloud data centers that are essential resources on which the customers will run their workload along with other applications and tools to provide the best services to their customers. Cloud hosting provides easy to scale services and the resources in use by your organizations will be utilized as per the requirements of your systems. Furthermore, the resources needed by you will not require you to actively manage those resources as your requirements increase or decrease. There are also private cloud hosting services, which are among the most secure computing services in the market. The private cloud services are provided through the internet or through private intranet connection only accessible by authorized users; in the private cloud services the security if the security of the internal hosting service is combined with the company’s own firewall services providing the maximum network security to the customers.

Final Words

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