Myths About Linux OS & Linux Web Hosting


Linux is not for everyone. It is tough to learn. You have to learn a lot of commands to use Linux, and it takes too much time to get your hands on. You must have listened to such stuff. But in this article, we will check how accurate these things are. 

So much is said about Linux as a regular desktop operating system and Linux web hosting. Everything is not necessarily true. 

Linux has a large user base throughout the world. Here we are talking about desktop Linux. The Linux that an average user should be using daily for surfing the web, document editing, listening to music, and casual gaming.

There are many myths about Linux, and if you believe them, you will be very reluctant to use Linux. So let us check out the credibility of many general beliefs about Linux.  

Linux is Very Difficult To Use

Yes, Linux is difficult as compared to Windows. But isn’t everything difficult the first time? Windows is also difficult when you use it for the first time. Using any operating system is not easy when you are a beginner.

You do not know how to create files, troubleshoot, or install new software. Everything is difficult. But with the passage of time,  you learn from the internet, friends, or your brain, and it becomes easy to use. So is the case with Linux. You get comfortable after some time, and it becomes fun. Using Mac OS is also not easy on the first attempt. 

You Have To Learn Many Commands To Use Linux

Linux has a powerful command line interface. Yes, that is true. You can even use Linux entirely on the command line if you want. Yes, that is also true. 

You should be a command line expert having dozens of commands in your brain. Now, that is not true. You are doing nothing but typing different commands all the time while using Linux. No, nothing like that is going to happen. 

Yes, it sounds challenging to use commands for operating systems. However, knowing a few commands would help you troubleshoot the issues you may face. Also, there are many beginner-friendly Linux distributions available. They come with a complete graphical interface, and you rarely have to use the command line. 

Also, the internet is an outstanding and diverse help resource. You can find many community forums and blogs to get the required information. For example, you may need to know how to install specific software. Then, you will come up with simple commands you have to copy from the internet and paste into the terminal of Linux. 

Yes, you have to be cautious and not accidentally use dangerous commands. Basic command knowledge is enough to help you with that. Cutting it short, you can easily find windows-like distributions with the little command-line requirement.

Linux Does Not Have Applications For All Needs

Yes, the number is lesser than Windows. Yet, that does not mean it does not have good or enough applications. You can find thousands of applications in the software center or website. Applications are available for all daily tasks. 

Many popular applications do come with Linux editions. Even if there is no Linux version of your favorite application, you can find an alternative to that application. This is also just like macOS. You may not see all your favorite applications, but you can easily find suitable alternatives.

Linux is Not Gamer-Friendly

Yes, this myth is true to some extent. However, it would depend on your level of gaming. You should believe this myth if you are a hardcore gamer. But, you should not believe it if you are a casual gamer. Also, Linux has made significant gaming improvements in recent years. Now, we even have dedicated Linux distributions for gaming. 

 You can easily find Ubuntu variants in Dell’s gaming range Alienware. Also, 3000 Linux games are available on the popular gaming distribution platform Steam. The company had a strong trust in the gaming potential of Linux. Otherwise, there is no reason to have their own gaming console running on Linux. 

Moreover, some companies even bring popular PC games to Linux. Just check the list of the best Linux games from last year. There will be names like Lara Croft, Hitman, and Mad Max. So even while Windows may not be compatible with all these paid games now, you will eventually be able to play at least some of them with Linux.

Also, many websites and stores give you the option to download a lot of Linux games. That includes both free and premium games. Surprisingly, you can even play arcade games on the Linux terminal. 

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Linux Web Hosting Is The Only Good Use of Linux

Many people believe that Linux has its particular domain. It is an excellent choice for servers and supercomputers. Also, it suits things like the cloud and the internet of things. But Linux is not a very great choice for a regular computer user. 

This is not true. Many regular users do not only like but prefer Linux for average use. They surf the internet, listen to their favorite songs, watch movies with friends, and edit their documents and pictures. Tech people also use it for programming purposes. Many of them had trouble using Linux at the start, but now they cannot think of using any other operating system.

The Final Verdict

The argument of the article is not that Linux is superior to Windows. It is all about Linux not being as difficult to use as we think. It is not just for programmers. Regular users can also use it. You will have a little difficulty initially, but it will be effortless.

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