Top 5 Linux Hosting Providers in 2022

Top 5 Linux Hosting Providers in 2022


Best Linux Hosting Provider UK

Linux hosting is ubiquitous. Your requirement could be a simple shared Web hosting account or a dedicated server. In any case, there are chances that you will be offered a Linux hosting server before any other.

When Does It Not Matter?

Operating systems won’t be your concern when your hosting needs are simple. You will simply pick up an account based on the allocated web space, bandwidth, and similar features.

When Does It Matter?

The more experience you have, the more you care about the operating system. Perhaps, you have a sound knowledge of Linux, and you intend to build a technically complex website and need complete control over it. Maybe you want a specific control panel.

Five Great Linux Hosting Companies

All web hosts may have their own pictures of an ideal Linux host. However, we have listed seven great Linux hosting providers.

InMotion Hosting

InMotion is a professional Linux hosting company with a great reputation. The top features are excellent support, higher levels of power & control, beginner-friendly features, and power-packed plans.

Free website migration, bundled website builder, and regular backups make it an apple of the novice’s eye. On the other hand, the support for PostgreSQL databases, PHP 7, Ruby, Perl and Python, and MySQL allure the experienced users.

WP-CLI is there to allow you multiple WordPress installations from the command line. The prices start at $4.99 a month for the three-year plan. Also, you get Joomla and Prestashop pre-installed.

Moreover, the upgrades also come with reasonable price tags. An optional self-managed cloud VPS hosting that starts from $5 a month for year one is available.

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Nearly all companies claim to provide the best Linux hosting services. One way to test their credibility is to check their high-end products. You may not receive the same support when buying a basic shared hosting package.

SiteGround is a great Linux hosting provider that provides responsive support, powerful features, and genuine technical expertise. For the clients who do not find their standard hosting products, they build enterprise-level solutions from scratch.

SiteGround has sound expertise in WordPress, Nginx, Drupal, Apache, MongoDB, Redis, ElasticSearch, and PHP. They also support custom private clouds, smart use of Linux containers, and replication between databases.

The Email Shop

The Email Shop is an exceptional Linux hosting provider in UK. Prominent features are a Free SSL certificate, Business Class emails, ultra-high speeds, and instant setups. Also, there is a 45-days money-back guarantee.

Buy optimal Linux plans and enjoy excellent support and uptime. All services come with a guarantee of 99.9% uptime. A well-trained support team is always there to help.

The Email Shop offers four different pricing plans for 12 months, and all of them cost you less than five euros per month. Cpanel, 24*7 customer support, and unmetered bandwidth are the parts of all plans.

The cheapest plan lets you open two websites, allows ten parked domains and 25 sub-domains, and provides 1 SQL database. 20 Email accounts and 1 GB SSD storage are also part of the plans. All of this is available for less than one euro monthly.

Upgrading to the most expensive package (Platinum plan), which costs you 4.19 euro per month, lets you open unlimited websites. Some other unlimited things are sub-domains, SQL databases, and email accounts. Also, you get one dedicated IP and 100 GB SSD storage.

Liquid Web

The top reasons to buy Liquid Web are the liberty to pick your operating system and excellent support. However, expensive price tags slightly decrease the likeability of a Web hosting company.

The level of control you get is a unique selling point of any Linux hosting provider. Still, this does not happen in many cases. You see a standard base environment with typically CentOS and cPanel. There are no options to choose from.

Liquid Web has been providing quality VPS and dedicated hosting packages for years. The level of flexibility is what Liquid Web is famous for. Enjoy in-depth and low-level control on your servers.

LiquidWeb does not make you rely on a single version of the OS. They offer Cent OS 6 and 7, Debian 8, 9, and 10, Ubuntu 16.04 and 18.04, and Fedora 30. Pick from a mix of self-managed, core-
managed, and fully managed plans. The Cent OS images may include cPanel or Plesk.

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The extra features grant you even more power. Liquid Web lets you choose how many daily backups you’d like to retain. Also, it is possible to squeeze as many backups as will fit into a defined amount of disk space. The charges of both options are $0.08 per GB per month.

As stated earlier, excellent support is also the reason behind the fame of Liquid Web. Experts are literally available all the time to quickly resolve your issues. And the quick really means the fastest here. Even if a hardware failure occurs, the company claims to solve it within half an hour of its identification.

An impressive service level agreement backs up these promises. For example, every time a company fails to respond to an initial helpdesk ticket within 30 minutes, it will be bound to pay you ten times the amount missed. Similar kinds of clauses cover you in cases of power outages and network failures.

Grid Hosting

Grid Hosting ensures you get the most out of their Linux hosting solution in an efficient manner.

The perfect Linux hosting solutions cover any business needs. You may want to host your personal blog with multimedia content or need highly converting landing pages for category pages of a website. You may need a good platform for your e-commerce business.

99.9% uptime guarantee and secure and robust information security algorithms are the most liked features of Grid Hosting.

State-of-the-art would be an excellent term for Grid Hosting’s Linux infrastructure designed by expert security engineers. Efficient and powerful virus protection systems ensure you are protected from all kinds of malicious actors. In addition, lightning-fast speed and easy-to-use control panel make your life easy and convenient.

Putting It All Together

The most appealing thing about Linux hosting is the amount of control on different components. However, not every provider will let you do that. Instead, they will give you a default OS like CentOS and cPanel as standard, with no other options.

If it is your first time, you may struggle to find the best Linux hosting. However, you can test by signing up with someone budget-friendly and flexible.