Top Monitoring Tools You Need For Your VPS Hosting

Top Monitoring Tools You Need For Your VPS Hosting


Website launching is a lengthy process. The development process is time-consuming.  And even after it is done, you need to monitor the performance of your website continuously.  Therefore, the best strategy would be to set up some monitoring tools for your website.  This article will discuss some of the best monitoring tools for your VPS hosting website. 

What is Application Monitoring?

However, it makes sense to understand the concept of application monitoring first.  The consistent performance of the website and its good loading speed have always been a hot topic.  Monitoring tools are essential to keep things running, yet people do not discuss them too often.  

They are constantly checking on essential processes on the VPS. Tools let you know about the usage of CPU and disk. Application monitoring tools also reveal the number of HTTP requests and MySQL queries. You can understand the traffic patterns of the website. Hence, you also know how they affect your server. 

You can plan your upgrades more smartly when you know the VPS load in real-time. The queue of your mail server is also under their supervision for good. The jammed-up line is an indicator of the hack.  Hence, it alerts you about potential dangers.

Website and IP Blacklist Monitoring

Server monitoring tools also have to blacklist wrong IPs and websites to save the reputation of your server.  If your VPS is involved in sending a large volume of spam, the global spam filters will block your IP.  They will not care if you are the sender or not.  Of course, you will never want this to happen.  Your recipients will not receive your message, as global spam filters would have blocked all communication of your IP.  It will end up in their junk folder.  The IP blacklisting monitoring tools continuously scan the blacklists and notify you if the IP address of your server appears on the list. Hence, you can take instant action.

Network Monitoring Tools

Network monitoring tools are also crucial for your VPS.  They analyze every point of the connection between your server and the outside world. These tools strictly monitor all web and email services of your business.  If they see any problems with connectivity, they notify you instantly. 

A successful business has no room for downtime. Even one second may result in a loss of revenue.  Also, frequent downtimes would severely hurt your search engine rankings. You could have worked hard for years to achieve this. That makes network monitoring crucial. When someone visits an unsafe website, Google shows a huge red warning. It would ruin your business reputation.

The Best VPS Server Management Tools

It is much more complex than you think.  There are many options, and all have unique pros and cons.  They offer different features, support different platforms, and have individual consequences on your budget.  Let us tell you about the four best tools.


Zabbix is an excellent monitoring tool built to fulfill the dynamic monitoring needs of IT systems.  It can efficiently control the networks, physical servers, virtual servers, and cloud services. Install it on your VPS and know everything about your disk space, network usage, and CPU load.  It is compatible with a long list of platforms. 

Some vital services like TCP and SSH must be online every time. You can use Zabbix to perform routine checkups of such essential services.  Zabbix has multiple solutions to such problems.  If one of the services is out, you can set it up too on a separate server.  Zabbix is open-source and free. It supports custom configurations based on XML templates.


Checkmk is also a diverse monitoring solution.  It is an expert in handling physical servers, application servers, virtual servers, cloud infrastructures, database servers, and containers. The number of checks that Checkmk offers is almost as massive as 1,800.  In addition, they claim to support any platform you can imagine. 

The automatic discovery and network mapping capabilities of checkmk are also remarkable. In addition, more than 2000 plugins are there to help you extend the benefits. Checkmk is easy to configure, free of cost, and open-source. An Enterprise edition with efficient monitoring kernel and better performance is also available.

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Prometheus & Grafana

It all started when the engineers of SoundCloud felt their monitoring solutions were not up to the mark. That was the day when the development of Prometheus began.  SoundCloud has been open source from day one.  An excellent alert system and various features made it famous quickly. 

Grafana is also an open-source tool. Tools like Prometheus collect the data, and Grafana organizes that data. Hence, Grafana makes Prometheus more usable and takes the full benefits of Promotheus’s alert system. Both are free and are one of the most famous monitoring tasks. 


Cacti tool operates with the data that another tool known as RRDtool collects. RRDtools is a famous data logging tool.  Hosting providers use its easy-to-read and browser-based graphs to understand the bandwidth and CPU usage.  However, it has a lot of other uses as well. 

The configuration of custom RRDtool can add to the flexibility of your system. Also, it makes sure you utilize your network devices in the best way possible. Both Cacti and RRDtool are free and open-source.

Putting It All Together

So, Virtual Private Servers offer best reliability levels, and greatest speeds. However, its management may not be easy for everyone. Some find the VPS server management complex because it requires a certain level of technical expertise. A lot of tools are available to make things easy for you. You just need to know which VPS management tool is best for which function. However,  if you find none of them user-friendly enough, you still have the option of managed VPS.

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