VPS Hosting UK vs Dedicated Hosting UK

VPS Hosting UK vs Dedicated Hosting UK: Which one to choose?


Once the traffic on the website starts growing, moving from shared hosting is necessary. However, many people cannot decide between VPS hosting UK and dedicated hosting. Both provide reliable server resources, but their mechanisms are strikingly different. That also translates to highly different prices. Let us clarify the difference in this article.

What is a VPS?

The term VPS stands for a virtual private server. The servers work in a shared environment. One dedicated server arranges a specific virtual slot for every website at the individual level. In other words, servers are divided into many virtual rooms. 

The number of virtual rooms equals the number of websites it hosts. All rooms utilize the resources of this same single physical server. However, there is still no sharing. Instead, the server assigns unique resources to every virtual room or every website. 

So, in one sense, it is shared hosting. Since many websites are on one server, but in another sense, it is also a dedicated server. All websites have unique resources. They do not share the exact same resources. Hence its cost is not as high as a dedicated server, yet it is much more secure than a shared server. It combines the best of both worlds, which is why it is trendy.

It is just like you purchasing an apartment in a skyscraper. You share the same roof with many other compartments, yet you utilize unique resources. Whatever happens in the additional compartment is irrelevant to you. Any other compartment cannot use your resources, like shared hosting. 

However, also remember that you are not the owner of the building. You can change things, but this freedom ends when you step out of your apartment. You can make zero modifications to the entire building. If you have this right, the example would no longer be a VPS example. It would be a perfect analogy for dedicated servers, however. 

So, in a VPS, you cannot do anything with the hardware. You must get a dedicated server if you want authority for hardware modification. 

What is a Dedicated Server?

Congratulations! Now the entire building is yours. 

The name of the dedicated server also defines its nature. The entire server is dedicated to your website. No other website is eligible to utilize its resources. Unlike VPS, you rent the complete building rather than a single apartment. 

The abundant resources are not the only edge of dedicated servers. Also, you can enjoy more control over the hardware of your physical server. Server software customization is also possible. However, you should also have a little bit more technical knowledge. Several integral server parts are in your access. Therefore, knowledge is required for their smart usage.

With a dedicated server, you have complete control if you’re the kind of person who knows their processors and have a particular brand you prefer to use, such as AMD CPUs over Intel processors. The operating system, processor, and many other things are under your control.

Since the building is yours, you can customize it any way you want. This is the charm or unique selling point of a dedicated server.

Managed VS Unmanaged VPS Hosting UK and Dedicated Hosting

If you know what makes a VPS and dedicated hosting environment differently, you also realize how different managed, and unmanaged host hosts are. You can get managed VPS, and you can also get unmanaged VPS.  

Unmanaged VPS or dedicated server

Both an unmanaged VPS and a dedicated server will get you just the primary hardware. All server modification-related tasks are your responsibility, whether custom settings addition or server modification. It is the best option if you have an excellent technical support team. You will do the installation process and running process.

Let us say your CMS preference is WordPress. What will be your first step? Of course, it will be a PHP installation. Next, you will install a web server (Nginx, LiteSpeed, Apache). 

Does this sound too much? Dedicated servers are highly complex, and managing them requires sufficient technical experience. It only suits you when you have an excellent team of developers who can tweak the server without messing with it. The same goes for unmanaged VPS.

If you have purchased a dedicated server or VPS, you get a hosting environment with all fixings. The managed setup comes with dedicated resources, yet it is strikingly different from an unmanaged VPS server. The hosting provider is responsible for the management, configuration, and maintenance. You just focus on your business growth while the provider manages the technical aspects.

So, of course, it is also more expensive than a dedicated server. Managed server is a good option if you are not a web developer or do not have a technical background. 

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Should you choose VPS or a Dedicated Server?

Well, there is no definite answer to this. It all depends on your requirements. What do you want from your website? How much budget do you have? How much time can you invest in managing your website? Do you have a technical background? If not, do you have enough budget to hire developers?  

However, most large corporations prefer a dedicated server and have an entire team to handle their challenges. Small businesses looking for dedicated resources with lower prices usually prefer VPS. Another option that provides dedicated server benefits at a lower cost is cloud VPS. 

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