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What are VPS Hosting and Cloud Hosting?

The Email Shop Breaks Down Your Basic Hosting Questions

As a savvy business owner in a modern world, you probably understand that sooner – rather than later – you’re going to need to make the plunge and invest in online hosting services.

Whether you’re just diving into the world of online hosting or you’re fairly familiar with it, it’s fair to say that the types of hosting can be relatively confusing. With tons of different terminology flying around, it can feel impossible to keep track of each type of hosting, the benefits of each, the drawbacks, and more.

That’s where we come in.

We’re here to not only break down the differences among standard hosting, cloud hosting, and VPS, but also advise you on how we at The Email Shop can help guide you toward the services that best fit your needs.

Join us as we explain these hosting types!

What Makes VPS and Cloud Hosting Different than Standard Hosting?

We’ll be blunt right off the back — the difference between VPS and Cloud Hosting when compared to standard shared hosting really comes down to your needs.


To answer that, we’ll break down exactly what each of these types of hosting can do for you.

Standard, dedicated hosting is a single server that dedicated to your own personal use. This is typically ideal for businesses that are receiving 100,000’s of visitors monthly and have the dedicated staff to manage their server.

VPS Hosting, also known as Virtual Private Servers, is a type of hosting where the resources of the server will be split between different websites or hosting accounts – in other words, think of it like a home desktop computer that has several different users. VPS hosting is perfect for sites that don’t require root access on a server but need more dedicated, extensive, and advanced customized host options than shared services can provide. More than that though, efficient VPS hosting plans – like ours – will come with 24/7 support services, a dedicated IP address, and even personal stop, start, and reboot controls.

Cloud Hosting is an ideal hosting plan that allows for scalable infrastructure in the form of a single or many virtual servers. It’s highly customizable, ideal for consistently changing needs, and perfect for scalable businesses. Instead of hosting on a single server, as is the case with dedicated server hosting, cloud hosting provides hosting on several virtual servers which pull computing resources from an underlying network of physical web servers.

Why Choose Us for Your Hosting Needs?

Working with the Email Shop can provide you and your business with a plethora of benefits. For starters, we won’t just provide you with the hosting services you need and step away.

With our VPS services, we make ourselves available to you 24-7, every day of the year for support, guidance, and assistance. Each of our plans is fully scalable and easily upgradeable, as well, so you won’t be tied into a specific plan that no longer fits your needs.

Every service we offer is backed by 99.9 percent Uptime Commitment, evidence of our consistently reliable performance. You can count on reliability, speed, endless scalability, and data security. Overall, we can happily provide you with virtually unlimited resources to help assist and guide you in your hosting journey.

Take a Look at Our Competitors – Notice a Difference?

So, the final question remains – why work with The Email Shop over the other hosting businesses in the UK?

We’re able to offer you the same services (or better) for affordable rates, but we’re also better able to help you customize and scale the hosting services you need. With unlimited bandwidth, unique plans, and affordable options, we’re better equipped to work with you to help you grow and adapt to hosting plans that scale with you.  We have better marks in speed, uptime, and reliability than our competitors, as well as more innovative features to offer you.

When you compare the Email Shop to similar companies like Site Ground, A2Hosting, GoDaddy, TSO Host, and more, you’ll notice that our prices are more affordable. For example, for what you can get at SiteGround for 6.95 and GoDaddy for 4.99, we can offer for 2.95 and 1.00, respectively. Want an even deeper look into the price differences? Check it out:

SiteGround –£ 6.95 £2.95
A2 Hosting – £6.43 £3.15
GoDaddy – £4.99 £1.00
TSO Host – £2.99 £1.25
UK2 – £3.99 £2.63/td>

Interested in Talking about Cloud Hosting? We Want to Hear From You!

Did our breakdown on hosting types help you understand how to better navigate the hosting world? We hope so. For a better idea of what we can offer you, check out our website – even better if you plan to work with us, use our special coupon code (FreeSix) to get six months of services for free. Still have questions about our services? We’d love to chat with you! Email us at  EmailShop@TheEmailShop.co.uk with any inquiries.