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Why Cheap Email Hosting Is Better Than Free Email Hosting?


Professional email systems are one of modern business communication’s most crucial yet overlooked aspects. It directly affects the business process, so explore all options. Many people sign up for the first free email service they find. However, they can also go for cheap email hosting

There are three main options when it comes to emails. Either you can use free email services, upgrade to the professional option of free email services or host your email. In this article, we will discuss all options one by one. 

Free Email Services

Yes, all of us have free email accounts, and the credit goes to the companies like Google and Yahoo. And they do offer a lot of valuable options, too. But do they fulfill the professional needs of modern businesses?

In simple words, the answer is no. Your brand needs a professional email address with your named extension. For example, let us say you own a law firm. If you email your client and your email address is, it will be highly non-professional. Therefore, you will need good luck to pass the spam filter.

Upgrading to Professional Option of Free Email Services

Free email services give you good professional options if you are a business user. For example, you can use custom domains with Google workspace. So you can switch from to 

The next great advantage is the email infrastructure you enjoy. The large IT-centric company offers you this benefit. However, of course, you have to pay for it. They may charge you a per-user rate.

In most cases, it does not include the configuration. So you are on your own to handle it.  

Hosting Your Email With Cheap Email Hosting Service?

The third choice is hosting your email. It sounds complex or even out of the world. But it is a real option with its pros and cons. Be clear that hosting your mail means using any email hosting uk service. Remember that hosting your email does not mean using an in-house server. 

Advantages of Hosting Your Email

  1. The first advantage is you may get it free in many cases. Yes, it is possible. You must follow a specific web hosting plan if you have a company website. Check with your hosting company. There are high chances they will offer you email hosting for free. You will be getting the same basic infrastructure. 
  2. The second great pro is better privacy levels as compared to other options. No third party will check the communication that goes through your email server.
  3. The third is the choice of email tools. It is unavailable in free email services. You are bound to use whichever email tools they provide. You can choose between thousands of tools when you use any dedicated email hosting service. For example, you can choose from multiple spam filters.
  4. Email services in the market offer email accounts of different sizes and prices. Sometimes, there are limitations on the size of the email that the server can process. Overcoming such restrictions is the fourth mind-blowing benefit. It is possible to have a big chunk of storage space. So why limit your potential to grow? You can have generous storage amounts with self-hosted emails. Moreover, you even have the authority to specify this limit.
  5. Free email services also come with good spam and virus control, yet they cannot beat the level of dedicated email hosting services. It allows you to set microscopic filters to block unwanted and harmful emails. Such is the level of control you get. Many email hosting service providers even offer anti-spam and anti-virus tools. And the best is yet to come. Even the cybersecurity expert tools like Sucuri will be there to protect your email server.
  6. It is excellent for smaller organizations. You can make many email accounts with your brand name. For example, it could be,, or Since it is possible to link all things, you must manage only one account. It is something convenient and does not come with any side effects.

Hosting your email is much more cost-effective than the professional option provided by free email hosting services. You will have to pay a single flat rate and divide it among many users. In the other option, you will be charged per user. Every time you add a new user, your cost will increase. So host your email and get rid of this. 

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Free email services offering professional options typically make you pay $10 per month per user. You will have to pay $600 yearly if you have five users. 

While in most cases, you will have to pay $120 for hosting your mail. 

 Disadvantages of Hosting Your Email

  1. Reliability may suffer in that case. Professional email hosting services provide good accessibility since they have an excellent global infrastructure in many cases. However, you can reduce this risk by choosing a great hosting partner such as Grid Hosting
  2. Some technical challenges may make management difficult and require some IT experience. You may like to hire someone for help. 
  3. Professional email hosting takes care of backing up your messages. You do not have to do it yourself. Hosting your email means that your messages sit in a small piece of the server. You have to back it up yourself. Any automated tools can help you with that, so this con is not worth considering. However, it was worth mentioning since some beginners think hosting your mail means they do not need to backup themselves. 

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