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WordPress Hosting UK : Features WordPress Professionals Need in 2022


WordPress Hosting Features 2022

Not every client expects the same hosting features from any hosting provider company. In addition, clients’ professions heavily influence their demands from hosting companies.

The WordPress professional client, or let us say, a WordPress developer, will not have the same inspecting angle as a layman. Therefore, WordPress proficiency will hugely increase your expectations from the WordPress Hosting UK company. 

Why WordPress Or WordPress Hosting? 

However, before probing the psychology of WordPress professionals, let’s take some time to understand why WordPress itself is so popular. Asking why one should use WordPress is justifiable. 

WordPress Requires You To Pay Zero Dollar

Yes, purchasing hosting and domain name is a requirement, but the WordPress software is free. Therefore, you have to pay nothing to download and install. Moreover, after installation, you can make necessary edits to match your needs.  

You Need A Little Time To Get Familiar

A globally famous content management system, WordPress, is very easy to use. WordPress is beginner-friendly in real meaning. A simple dashboard with different menu options in the sidebar lets you do almost everything. As a result, even beginners can maintain their websites very easily. 

Plus, there are thousands of free web templates that help you build the website you have in your imaginations. Understanding that most users have weak technical skills, WordPress provides high customization levels.

WordPress is also Your SEO Expert

WordPress was created to assist websites in achieving greater search engine rankings. As a result, WordPress sites rank quickly and demand significantly lesser SEO efforts than websites built on other platforms. 

WordPress is a Secure Platform

WordPress is a secure and safe platform to build, run, and maintain a website. Moreover, many plugins help web administrators secure the website. 

What WordPress Experts Expect From An Ideal WordPress Hosting UK

They think beyond brilliant technical support, high bandwidth, and a 99.9 % uptime guarantee. You will probably expect the following features if you are both a good businessman and a tech-savvy WordPress professional. 

Plugins Like WP Engine

The latest version of WP Engine is pre-configured with additional features that improve performance and speed. Developers search for a robust, user-friendly blogging and content management system. That is why they expect a pre-installed WP Engine. 

Flexible Plan

The plans that fit the modern business needs attract developers. Often their vision is to get a dedicated WordPress hosting plan that simplifies the website building task. Or maybe they want to create an online store, a blog, or a knowledge-base website.

Super Performance

Developers expect the support team to be there anytime the issue arises and at least 99.9% Uptime. Their performance expectations are super-reliable. Today’s developers need impeccable support that instantly resolves their queries 24/7/365 through live chat. It will be an excellent add-on to have a 45-days money-back guarantee. It gives them peace of safe investment. 

Free-Migration & One-Click Install

Developers want the team to be available for migration as well. Not charging anything will draw their attention instantly. The team should be available for migration help when the user drops a message. Of course, tools like cPanel and Plesk should be there as they allow one-click WordPress install.

Futuristic Security Algorithms

Surveys suggest that WordPress empowers many websites on the internet, almost 70%. But the same thing leads to it becoming the target of hackers. 

Who could understand the importance of security more than developers? They understand the importance of security for any online business or website and demand the highest level of protection.

Firewalls that are specifically configured for the WordPress platform prevent intrusion. It utilizes constantly updated, signature-based rules for that.

Free Migration & Extra Assistance

They want extra assistance and free migration services that migrate existing WordPress websites to future web hosting. In addition, they like the program that comes with any consultation services. 

Like others, developers also want to ensure that everything needed to get started is there. However, unlike non-tech audiences, developers also know what they need to get started. 

High Speed

The speed expectations of developers are higher than ordinary people. So when you tell a common person about high-speed, he will only think about high-speed. But when you speak to developers about high-speed, they may think about CDN, multiple caching layers, low-density servers, and super-cloud architecture. Are you sure you can answer their questions? 

Developers know everything about the effective management of website content. They also know how cloud hosting services allow the blazing-fast processing of dynamic content requests.

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Clean & Easy To Use Control Panel

Developers like to get a cloud interface that focuses on usability. They know about all the complexities of traditional web hosting and would like to ask you how you have done to reduce those complexities. For example, developers will ask if there is any one-click restore option or not. In addition, they will inquire about configurable for full or snapshot backups. 

They are well aware of what they would need in situations of traffic spikes. They preplan what they would do to manage capacity requirements. Before buying WordPress hosting from you, they may ask about one-click scalability. You also have to provide easy access to all your email accounts.

The Final Verdict: TheEmailShop

TheEmailShop provides you with an efficient WordPress hosting platform to manage your business. Engineers have designed the algorithms and networks with the developer’s target audience in mind and have succeeded in coming up with an amazingly developer-friendly platform. 

TheEmailShop features incredible fast speed, great support, advanced security, extra assistance in migration, and a developer-friendly control panel.  

TheEmailShop uses UK-based servers to serve its clients. The servers have super-fast memory and latest generation Xeon processors. Also, they utilize the best quality SSDs for storage. 

The core values experts kept in mind during the development were reliability, security, and speed. The interface is also tailor-made for WordPress. It utilizes the immense power of the latest caching technology to ensure fast loading pages and 99.9% uptime.