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WordPress hosting UK : Why should local Businesses consider TheEmailShop


Why Local Businesses consider The Email Shop

WordPress is the easiest CMS to handle for ordinary people. That is the reason when simple business people think about launching a website; they will prefer hosting that supports WordPress. This article will see why TheEmailShop is the best WordPress hosting  UK and why businesses should consider it. 

Why Businesses Should Consider WordPress Hosting

WordPress works beneath almost 30% of the world’s websites. It is also blessed enough to be a website builder of businesses as big as CNN and Disney. Despite being initially created as a simple blogging system,  it has transformed into the world’s most powerful content management system. 

Many of its functionalities make it a suitable CMS for businesses. We will look at some of them, which are the major benefits.

WordPress Comes With SEO Benefits

Search engines crawl the websites to check their content and index it if they find it suitable for their users. That is why they like clean and well-organized websites. WordPress makes your website clean and also accessible. So the chances of higher ranking are more when you use WordPress.

WordPress Makes It Easy To Blog

A content-rich blog is imperative for a solid content marketing campaign. WordPress comes with all the necessary elements to maintain a professional blog that talks about industry trends. 

WordPress Is Open-Source: WordPress Is Free

Free WordPress themes make it simple for you to set up and run a website. WordPress can be downloaded and installed via WordPress.org on any hosting platform. You can even install it directly from a hosting account’s site-building choices.  

WordPress Is Easy To Access For Users That Are Authorized

Using any device, multiple users can manage WordPress websites seamlessly and effortlessly. This is because you can pick any hosting provider and self-host the WordPress website. 

TheEmailShop: Best WordPress Hosting UK

TheEmailShop offers an excellent WordPress hosting platform that lets small business owners manage their web operations professionally and compactly. They offer great support on both phone and live chat. 

The Email Shop Offers Latest WP Engine

TheEmailShop offers the latest version of WP Engine, with many new add-on functionalities. All the latest features enhance the performance and increase the speed. In addition, we offer a robust and self-intuitive CMS that can make your life easy as a small business owner.

The Email Shop Offers Flexible Plan To Meet Your Unique Business Needs

The programs and pricing plans are designed with modern corporate needs in mind. Both beginner and experienced business people would find it straightforward to build a blog, e-commerce store, knowledge-base, or website. In addition, there are Dedicated WordPress Hosting plans that would help you launch everything quickly.

The Email Shop Offers Rock-Solid Support & Performance

Excellent reliability and solid uptime guarantee are what small and local businesses need badly to build up their reputation. So we ensure 99.9% uptime.

In addition, TheEmailShop support team is always ready to address customer queries 24/7/365 through live chat. Feel free to invest as there is a generous 45-day money-back guarantee.

The Email Shop Offers Free Migration & One-Click Install

The team is also ready at all times to assist you with migration. Surprisingly, they will do it for you free of cost. All you have to do is leave a message that explains your wishes concisely. Save your time with tools like cPanel and Plesk, as they enable one-click WordPress install.

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 The Email Shop Uses An Impeccable Hardware

UK-based servers of TheEmailShop use impeccable and latest hardware. Technologies working behind them are the newest generation Xeon processors and enterprise-class SSDs. In addition, they also utilize superfast memory. 

The core values experts tried to represent in the system were reliability, security, and speed. As a result, TheEmailShop interface is tailor-made for WordPress needs. In addition, it uses the latest caching technology. In the end, users experience blazing fast loading and response times, which is also suitable for SEO.

Impressive Anti-Hacking Technology Designed To Tackle Future Landscape

A vast number of websites operate through WordPress. This means there are massive opportunities for hackers. Definitely, security is one of the most critical issues for any business or even a personal website. TheEmailShop has configured the firewalls exclusively for the WordPress platform. They constantly update to stop intrusions.

The Email Shop Provides Clean & Highly Intuitive Control Panel

TheEmailShop provides cPanel with an excellent cloud Interface that is amazingly useful. The end goal is to reduce the complexities of more traditional web hosts. 

Control Panel also grants impressive features such as auto-backup with a single click. Whenever you experience traffic spikes, you can scale the system with one click. All your email and other hosting accounts are also easily accessible. 

The Email Shop Offers Impressively Faster Speed

Multiple factors combine to boost the speed as much as 2.5 times. Those super charged cloud architecture, low-density servers. Moreover, excellent CDN and numerous caching layers also play their part. 

Content management becomes more efficient. The cloud WordPress hosting service in UK allows the processing of dynamic content requests with magically fast speed. 

The Email Shop Great Convenient Simplicity

A single portal helps you manage multiple aspects. For example, you can access your email accounts. Moreover, all database restores and files are also accessible on this portal. Businesses also need this level of convenience and ease.  

The Email Shop Offers Advanced Security

Losing critical business or customer data due to unauthorized access is the collapse of any online business. Therefore, business secrets have to be kept at any cost.

TheEmailShop is the best UK web hosting platform that helps local businesses easily monitor and allocate additional resources. Complete control over your usage prevents unauthorized access. 

The Email Shop Provides Great Value And Features

You cannot reap the full benefits of WordPress without using templates and plugins. Since TheEmailShop‘s hosting is greatly optimized for WordPress, you get an immense value using them.

So give it a chance, and you will agree that The Email Shop-UK is one of the best cloud hosting providers for WordPress.